Diamond Education

Ever wondered what makes a perfect diamond?

At the Diamond Channel, we’ll educate you in the different aspects of a diamond, from its colour to its shape.


In the case of diamonds ‘colour’ has very little to do with colour. Actually it refers to the lack of it in a diamond. The most desirable colour for a diamond is in fact white. The whiter the better and is classified as a grade D diamond. It is however quite difficult to tell the difference between some ‘colours’ and makes no difference to the beauty of the stone.


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Diamond cutting is a serious art form which requires an expert’s steady hand and meticulous precision. The cut doesn’t refer so much to the shape of the stone but rather its brilliance and how it disperses light – eluding to its sparkle.


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Most diamonds contain small impurities (or inclusions). When grading the clarity of the diamond, the experts will look at how many inclusions there are, the size of the inclusions and where they are located within the diamond. These factors play a vital role in determining the price of a diamond. 


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Carat weight

When it comes to diamonds size does matter but carat weight isn’t only determined by how big it is because the shape and cut of the diamond play an important role, too. In other words, if you want to purchase a big diamond then make sure it weighs up in the other categories. 

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Diamonds come in a variety of shapes like the classic ‘pear’ or the striking ‘Marquise’ which means that you can be certain you’ll discover a shape that suits your style.


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