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Lab Certificates

All about Diamond Certification

There are a number of laboratories around the world that examine and report on the identification of diamonds and gemstones. These labs record the individual quality components that affect the value of each stone but don’t place a dollar or rand value on them.

The labs are independent which means that the report back on their findings is completely unbiased. A lab report is an excellent way for consumers to understand their diamond or gem in a more thorough way. It's often mandated for reference when the owner wishes to have an appraisal of his or her jewellery.

All Diamond Channel diamonds and gemstones have been graded by the following labs:

  • GIA - Gemological Institute of America
    Based in the United States of America, the GIA Lab has been researching and studying the scientific properties of gemstones. It is a non-profit, public benefit research and educational institution, which provides an independent and impartial evaluation of the quality of gems. Companies from all over the world rely on GIA’s unbiased reports.
  • EGL - European Gemological Laboratory and College of Gemology
    EGL is situated in Johannesburg’s SA Diamond Centre. The lab has been specialising in the grading and certification of diamonds and gemstones since 1980. It also plays a vital role in the education of diamond grading through its College of Gemology.
  • DIA - DIA International Diamond Certification Laboratory (Johannesburg)
    Situated in Johannesburg’s SA Diamond Centre, DIA been grading diamonds to international standards for over two decades and use diamond-sure machines to guarantee authenticity. The lab also gives expert advice.
  • IDL -  International Diamond Laboratory (New York)
    IDL, situated in Johannesburg’s SA Diamond Centre, is an industry newbie and has been operating for some three years. The lab’s owner, Ursela Roch, however has over 27 years of experience in the diamond industry, which she likes to share with her clientele. She believes if you’re purchasing diamonds then you should be educated in them.

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