Our Guarantee

We guarantee expertise, affordability and variety

The rarest diamond

We provide a rare combination of the latest jewellery designs, attractive pricing and a knowledgeable team of sales experts and diamond specialists.

Our expertise

Combined, our expert team of diamond specialists and consultants have decades of experience. Add to that the Company Director Ran Loupo’s 20-odd years working in the jewellery trade and you know that you’re receiving the best, most sound advice in the diamond industry.

Our great value & variety

We have produced over 40,000 rings and other pieces of jewellery to date. We also house a vast collection of diamond jewellery at wholesale prices so rest assured you’ll find your dream piece well within your budget.

Our passion

Ran Loupo has a passion for producing exquisite jewellery design. His keen eye for design and his quest for perfection have earned him the reputation as king of elegant custom-made designs. At the Diamond Channel we live and breathe this passion.